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ENSURE - Enabling kNowledge Sustainability Usability and Recovery for Economic value

Long term digital preservation Cost Engineering digital presevation ENSURE FP7

Digital preservation with ENSURE

Ensuring long term usability for the spiraling amounts of data produced or controlled by organizations with commercial interests is quickly becoming a major problem. Drawing on motivation from use cases in health care, finance and clinical trials, ENSURE will significantly extend the state-of-the-art in digital preservation which to-date has focused on relatively homogeneous cultural heritage data.




"It will be essential for care providers and patients to be able to access, manage and preserve comprehensive electronic health records efficiently and securely."

Perry van Rijsingen, GM Philips Digital Pathology




"We plan to use ENSURE to enable our Digital Archiving product to support preservation decisions based off a network of best practice information."

Jonathan Tilbury, Director of Archiving Solutions at Tessella

Recent news about ENSURE

Article accepted in the iPres 2013 Conference (+)

ENSURE demo presented at the e-Health Week 2013 (+)

ENSURE Training Day held on March 21, 2014 (+)

Final review held in Porto during March 19 - 20, 2014 (+)

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Do you know where your data will be in 20 years?


The world of healthcare clearly understands the need to transition to an all digital environment. However, while healthcare ICT specialists put a lot of effort into planning new acquisitions of digital modalities and supporting hardware, very few people know if all of these digital information will remain accessible decades from now. Today a radiologist can easily read information from an x-ray taken fifty years ago. Will a radiologist in fifty years from now be able to read a digital imaging file taken in a hospital today?